Prevent your Hangover with Dion

DION: The new food supplement based on vitamins and plant extracts.


Now, you can party a lot without worrying about hangover symptoms.

Take one Dion while drinking alcohol, and give to your body, the required energy to assimilate faster the alcohol consumed, and you will be able to wake up without the painful hangover symptoms.

Follow this 3 simple steps and wake up hangover free.

Take a Dion while drinking

Enjoy your party with your friends

Wake up with energy and enjoy your day


One or two pills7

Just a tablet will help your body to be cappable to reduce hangover simptoms. If you eventually consume a higuer dose your body will delete any vitamin excess in a natural way.

With water or drinks

You may use any method to take Dion, including the alcoholic beverage you are drinking

After dinner

You should take Dion after your meal, in order to not mix with food, and by that way optimizing the effectiveness of Dion.


Share Dion with your friends, mainly the ones who like to party as you. When you wake up without hangover, all of you can fully enjoy your days.

Drink water

Drinking water helps your body to fight dehydration, which is the primarily responsible for the headache when you are in a hangover.

Avoid medicines

To fight hangover, replace medicines by Dion and water. This way you do not accustom your body to medicines.


Give your body the time it takes to recover. Dion will speed up the metabolism of alcohol consumption, however, the more you drink, the longer your body will need to rest.

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Natural food supplement composed by vitamins and plant extracts.


5,95€ (VAT included)

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