Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a list of frequently asked questions in order for you to have all the info required ate any time. In case any doubts, get in touched with us.

What is Dion

Dion is an hepatic protector that improves alcohol metabolization in order to avoid hangover produced by an excessive alcoholic consumption.

Can you give me more detailed information?

Alcohol consumption elevates homocistein plasmatic concentration and heartburn. This molecule methabolization requires a lot of B12 vitamin. Dion contributes to the homocistein methabolization. Furthermore, silimarina acts as a natural hepatic protector.

When should I take Dion?

Dion must be taken before the symptoms of the hangover, that is during the alcohol consumption of your party.

I forgot to take Dion, what do I do?

If you're already hangover, you can take Dion, and it will accelarate your recovery, but there are no miracles. If this happens to you often tell your friends to remind you to take it during the night.

Do I need water to take a Dion?

You can take Dion with the help of any method that helps you ingestion, like water or the alcoholic drink that you are consuming.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a second list, of non frequently asked questions, that we also believe to deserve an answer.

Can I have an overdose?

There are no overdose effects for Dion's use, but we urge you to not take higher doses than we recommend of pill per day.

Dion will diminish the alcohol efect?

Alcohol will enter your bloodstream regardless of whether you have taken Dion or not, so the effect of alcohol will also be harmful to your health.

I took a Dion. Can I drive?

Taking Dion will not prevent alcohol from entering your bloodstream, and for the sake of our society we appeal to your responsibility to not drive if you have drunk alcohol.

Works with all the hangover types?

Dion will help your body to better absorb the alcohol. If you are taking other products that may make you unwell, you should stop taking them.

Will Dion help having more sex?

Dion will not help you get a partner. That will depend only on your abilities. However, if you have been able to wake up with a partner who has also taken Dion, you are more likely to repeat your good moments as often as possible.

I am pragnant. Can I take a Dion?

We are very glad that you had many long nights of pleasure thanks to Dion, and that you have become pregnant. However, as you may know, it is not recommended alcoholic beverages in pregnant women. Dion will prevent you from hangovers, but the harmful effects of alcohol will be very harmful to your health and to the baby. If you find yourself in this situation do not drink neither alcohol or Dion.

Is Dion magical?

Although it may seem, this product does not make magic, simply integrates the elements that nature puts at our disposal to avoid the horrible symptoms of hangover.

Do you want me to became an alcoholic?

Nothing is further from the truth. We want you to live your life intensely and if you went out parting last night, do not fail to enjoy the rest of the pleasures of life, just because you drank a few extra glasses. If you have fewer hangovers, the the odds of you finding new hobbies that are not related to alcohol consumption will increase.

Can I feed myself only with Dion?

Dion is not a substitute of an healthy and balanced diet. If you take other supplements that include the same compound as Dion, we recommend replacing them with Dion.

Order Deliveries Related Questions

These are the main questions related with the order deliveries

When will I receive my order?

If you purchase less than 25 € we will send it by Ordinary Post and its delivery will take between 3 and 5 business days. If your purchase is upper than 25 € we will send it by Express Post and it will take between 1 and 2 business days. For greater information and for outer Spain purchases please review our political of sendings.

In labour schedule I don't use to be at home. Is it better to indicate my work as a delivery address?

It is not necessary your pressence at home in order to receive yours order, the postman will leave it in your mailbox. If you want it to be send at work we recommend you to previously ensure that exists a mailbox and that you indicate us all the necessary data to guarantee the delivery.

Will I be able to track my order?

If you make an express order you can request us a tracking number by e-mail.

How will the delivery be done?

The postman will deposit yours order in your mailbox. If you indicate us an address of delivery without a mailbox such as your workplace or a commercial venue, we recommend you to indicate some business information in addition to your name to facilitate the delivery.

What happens if I prefer an express delivery?

If you wish to realise a purchase lower than 25 € and be sure that you receive it in 2 days, contact with us before buying and we will indicate you how to do it.

I prefer to buy Dion in a pharmacy. What can I do?

Very easy, take a look at the points of sale view in this website. If you do not find any place near your house, send us an email. The more information you give us, such us the address of your house or the exact address of your confidence pharmacy, the easier will be for us achieve that you can buy Dion in a tent near your house or your workplace.