General Terms

The present Conditions, have for object regulate the access and the diet of acquisition of the products facilitated by DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. (From now on DION) to the User through his website, constituting the juridical frame that develops the contractual relation. The products and contents, will be those that find to the disposal of the User to the following website titularity of DION:

it Stops any claim will be able to head to
Riera De'n Font, 60; 08391 Tiana (Barcelona)
Tel.- 627.17.97.40

The present Conditions, regulate the derivative juridical relation of the processes of contractació formalised by the Users through the website of DION The Users accept on purpose the full adhesion and without reservation to the present stipulations, in the version published by DION immediately in which the User hire the product and/or contents in which is interested. Therefore the User engage to read attentively the conditions of contractació, every time that it proceed to it contractació of any product, attended that the same have been able to be object of modification since the last time that accessed. 
By means of the acceptance of the present General Conditions of contractació the User declares: 
a.  That it is a person with capacity to hire. 
b.  That has read and accepts the present general conditions of contractació. 
The User will have access always and in any event, with previous character to the start of the procedure of contractació of products, to the conditions of contractació, being able to be stored and/or reproduced in a durable support. 
DION will be able to modify the present stipulations whenever it exist cause or sufficient reason for this. It understands that it exists cause or sufficient reason for the modification, with character enunciatiu and no limitatiu, when this have for purpose: 
a.  Expand the range or numeral of products that put to the disposal of the Users or improve the existent. 
b.  Modify, substitute or update the prices of the products that offer through the website. 
The prices and applicable prices to it contractació for part of the user of the services, will be those that figurin to the website of the titularity of, immediately in which the user access to the specific service, and proceed to initiate the process of contractació. 
DION reserves the right to modify the prices of the products published to the website mentioned previously, when like this consider it convenient and doing it visible to the website. 

Prices and Taxes applied 
The applicable prices are those that figuren to the Web immediately in which the customer realises his purchase. 
The price of the products that appear to the Web, includes the Tax of Value Added (VAT) except in the cases in that like this indicates fair and square and explicit. 
They do not realise recàrrecs additional for the collection by credit card.
a) Zone of delivery 
DION will realise the delivery in the  Peninsula in a term of between 48 and 72 hours from the confirmation of the payment, sending the products purchased by post ordinari. The products will be sent with envelopes reinforced to guarantee the integrity of his content. 
In function of special conditions specified in the place web, DION will be able to realise the sending by means of urgent post.
DION guarantees the sending in the terms and zones previously indicated of all the products that have in stock for all them purchases that they are received in our offices before the 12:00 hours, once is authorised the payment. Purchases received in Saturdays, Sundays and festive will consider received the first back business day to the same.
If occurs a lack of stock for extraneous causes to our will, already was for informative or logistical error and we could not attend total or partially to the purchase we will put in contact with you telephonically or via e-mail to confirm the purchase or for the cancelation of the same.

In any case, a delay in the delivery regard to the terms indicated does not give right to the customer to demand any compensation.

b) Expenses of sending 
For Peninsula and Balearic
The expenses of sending will be for DION's account stops all them purchases.
When the volume of it purchase surpass the 5 units will realise the urgent sending, without that this involve any additional cost for the customer.

I marry the customer request an urgent sending without fulfilling these conditions, the expenses of sending will run for account of the customer, being the same of:

  • 5,00 € + VAT (FIVE EUROS MORE VAT) for packages of until 100g.
  • 10,00 € + VAT (OWE EUROS MORE VAT) for packages of until 1 kg.
  • Consult us for upper packages to 1 kg. 

Sendings will be realised by post agency: Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telegrafos, S. A.
For Portugal
Sending expenses will be for DION's account for all purchases.
Sendings will be realised by Portugal public posts agency.

For Europe

We do realise sendings to the following countries of Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.
Sending expenses will be for DION's account for all purchases not surpassing a 3 units volume.
Please contact us for inferior volumes.
Prices include VAT.
Sendings will be realised by post agency: Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telegrafos, S. A.

a) Cards: 
it accepts the payment with the following credit cards:
• MasterCard
will realise an automatic charge in his card, immediately in which process it purchase. This operation will realise through DION's a certain server, who guarantees the confidentiality of the data facilitated by the customer by means of encryption, avoiding his communication to third odd to the juridical relation, conformal to the established in the Law 15/99 of Protection of Data of Personal Character. The company will be able to request to the customer complementary data that allow to verify that the purchase has been realised by the headline of the card. 

b) Banking transfer:
it accepts payment by means of banking transfer to DION's account number for the amount of the purchase more the expenses of sending in case to be necessary. The account number is ES40 0081 0421 9600 0116 5117
With this shape of payment you realises the payment in advance, or transferring the amount of it purchase since his banking entity or doing the income finestreta in one of our entities. Remember that them purchases for transfer will save 4 natural days all expecting the payment beginning him following day to realise the purchase, happened this time, without that the amount was cash in our account, will delete automatically.
In case of payment by means of banking transfer, the sending will not be realised until it do not confirm the reception of the payment in the account referenced in the previous paragraph.

The prices and texts published to the page are subjects to variations without prior notice, included technical specifications. It is obligation of the customer check the commodity that rids him. In case of changes for defect of the product DION will happen to withdraw this product and will change it for another in perfect conditions or reemborsarà the amount. 
DION will assume likewise the expense of sending of the new product. The risk of loss or damages in the commodity transmit to the customer since the moment in which produces the delivery to the domicile of the customer. 
DION does not do responsible in any concept of the damages ocasionats for the bad use of the commodities. 
The User will be guided in it tràmit that it has to follow for the celebration of the agreement, as well as for the identification and correction of the data that have facilitated for the celebration of the agreement through the forms created to this effect. 
DION will not file the electronic document in which formalise each contractació. Conversely, the User accepts the present General Conditions of Contractació, that will remain accessible since the website. 
The agreement formalises in Spanish language, in accordance with the present Conditions. 
The User will be able to consult the essential characteristics of each product through his description to the website. 
You counts with all DION's guarantee, that will change or return the paid money immediate and automatically any one purchase that it was not of his satisfaction. 
The access of the Users to the portal and the purchase of the products offered through the website involves the treatment of data of personal character. For DION, revesteix a big importance the fulfillment of the normative on protection of data of personal character and on services of the society of the information and electronic trade. 
Generally, the people that do use of the website do it without need to facilitate any data of personal character. Nevertheless, to access to the services, the Users, in some cases will have to facilitate some data of personal character. DION guarantees the confidentiality of the data of personal character eases for the Users, as the established in the normative on Protection of Data of Personal Character, and on Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade. 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. Fulfil the valid legislation in matter of protection of data, having adopted the administrative procedures and necessary technicians to guarantee the security of the personal data that recopilem. 
In this sense, the User remains informed and loans his consent for the incorporation of his data to the files automated DION's titularity RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. , domiciliat in it Riera de'n Font, 60; 08391 Tiana (Barcelona) properly inscribed in front of the General Register of Protection of Data of Personal Character, and for the treatment automated of his data, consequence of the query, application or contractació of any service, or of any transaction or operation realised, to end to access to the information and to the services facilitated by DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. Through the website, and if escau for the maintenance of the contractual relation, as well as for the sending of offers or advertising communications and promocionals. 
The User manifests that all the data facilitated for his sake are true and correct, and engage to communicate to DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. The changes that produce in the same. The User has right to oppose to the treatment of any one of his data that are not indispensable for the celebration of the agreement and to his utilisation for any different purpose of the maintenance of his contractual relation. 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN S,L. guarantees the privacy policy to the User in all marry the possibility to exercise his right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of his data, notifying it to DION RESAKAPSULUSSPAIN, S.L. Sending one e-mail to the address of e-mail
Likewise, and in fulfillment of the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade, DION RESAKAPSULUSSPAIN, S.L. Exclusively it will send offers or advertising communications and promocionalsfor electronic road to his address of e-mail or through another equivalent electronic media, to those Users that have awarded on purpose his consent. 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. Inform to the User that will be able to give off sick of this type of communications, following the instructions that appear at the end of all our e-mails or communicating it in writing to the address of e-mail
a. Obligations of DION: 
DION, engage to fulfil with the following contractual obligations derivative of the commercial relation with the User consequence of it contractació the services for part of the same: 
Loan with the maximum guarantees to the User, the service requested by this conformal to what has in the conditions of contractació, without being missing to the good contractual faith. 
Inform on purpose to the User of the existence of the present conditions with previous character to the start of the procedure of contractació. 
Inform to the User with previous character to it contractació and of concrete way, clear, precise and unambiguous, of the specific characteristics of the services requested, such how the price of the same and the taxes that are him applicable. 
Put to the disposal of the User a copy of the text of the general conditions. 
b. Obligations of the User: 
For his band, the User engage to: 
Carry out him íntegre fulfillment of the established in the present conditions of the services facilitated by DION.
Complete the forms of previous register to the start of the procedure of contractació with truthful and current information. 
Facilitate of correct shape the banking data requested by DION.
Pay the price of the products purchased, without that the presentation of a claim him eximeixi of this obligation. 
c. Rights of the user: 
All the proportionate information to the customer will have the character of vinculantfor him oferent in the terms established by the valid legislation. 
Everything user has right to the fact that the goods that purchase are of the category and requeriments legal hired or of that quality that save direct proportion with the category of the establishment. 
The User engage and guarantees to do use of the conformal web to the disposals established in the general conditions of contractació, what has in the applicable rule, as well as the relative to the moral and to the good habits. 
By means of the acceptance of the present disposals, the user engage to use the present website and the products put to his disposal in the same, of the way and in the shape that in her same establishes . Remaining forced to not using the present web and his products with illicit purposes and/or contrary to the purposes established in this legal warning, that could be lesius of right and/or interests of third or that of any shape can danyar the present web or prevent his correct operation or of the products that in her offer or offered in a future. 
Of the same it forms, the User will abstain to obtain the contents facilitated to the web for illicit means, fraudulent, theft or plagiarism of the same, in compliance with the established in the Penal Code and in the normative of application. 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. It reserves the right to not conceding the access to the web, without prior notice, to any User that contravene what has in the present general conditions of contractació. 
For his band, the User, engage to not doing an illicit use of the contents of the web, or that it can suppose a damage to DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. Therefore, the User will abstain to title no limitatiu, to modify, copy, distribute, publish, yield and/or to sell any information or aparença concernent to the web DION's RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. titularity
a. Cookies And certain surroundings 
You can consult our Political of Cookies.
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. , through the website, uses average of technology tip to guarantee the protection of the information. DION guarantees that it contractació of the products, realises in some certain surroundings. 
b. Hiperlinks 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. It is not responsible of the websites linked to this, thus it does not do responsible of his contents. The derivative risks of the query of such websites correspond exclusively to the users, that will have to regir- for the terms, conditions and legal warnings of the same, of which equally DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. It does not do responsible. 
c. Intellectual and Industrial property 
© DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN is to title of the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property of the elements that integrate the design of the web, how the brand, trading name or distinctive sign. In particular and to title no limitatiu, are protected by the rights of author, them logos, combinations of colours, the selection and the shape of presentation, the code source of the website, the menus, the buttons of navigation, the code HTML, them appletsde Java, the texts, images, graphic, as well as any one other content of the website DION's RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. titularity
The User engage to respect the rights of intellectual and Industrial property of the website; therefore, the User will abstain to copy, reproduce, distribute, put to disposal or public communication of the content of the web, without the authorisation expresses and in writing of DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L
d. Limitation of responsibility 
The User exonera on purpose to DION of all responsibility for direct and indirect damages derivative of eventual errors to the web, as well as for the eventual interruption, suspension, delay or anomaly in the access to the same. 
DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. I engage to put the maximum care to preserve the web of any virus, troyanos and other elements that could vulnerar or danyar the computer system of the User or of third. In any case, the User exonera of all responsibility to DION RESAKAPSULUSSPAIN, S.L. For the direct or indirect damages caused by the eventual existence of such harmful or wanton elements.
The period of validity of the present conditions, will be the time that remain published to the website and will apply to the services purchased immediately in which these conditions were available. 
In any event, DION RESAKAPSULUS SPAIN, S.L. It reserves the right to modify them of unilateral shape, without that this can affect to the services hired by the users with previous character to the modification, except in those suppositions in which the user had changed or modified the service hired, in that case will result of application the valid conditions immediately of the change and/or modification. 
If during the 14 back days to the reception of it purchase the customer wishes to return the product, our Department of Attention to the Customer will realise the necessary negotiations to transact the return under the following conditions: 
  1- The products will have to return in his packaging and original state. The customer will have of 14 skillful days since the reception of it purchase to resolve the agreement. 
  2- Defective products or deteriorats. If the customer detects that the product received finds defective or deteriorat, will have to put in contact with the Department of Attention to the Customer in the 14 skillful days back to the reception of it purchase, where will realise the necessary negotiations to replace it for a nine in mint condition and without any additional charge. 
  3- The returns that origin for error of the customer or for modification of format of the manufacturer will be to charge of the customer, then this company does not do charge of these modifications.
If the product does not find available, the company will proceed to return the amount that the customer have credited, included the expenses of sending, of agreement to the shape of payment used in the purchase.

The cancellations will be accepted for purchases that they have not been sent to the address indicated by the customer. If the commodity has been envoy will be considered return (See Returns). 
The company accepts orders cancellation, already through his website or any mean of access to the Department of Attention to the Customer. 

If any clause included in these conditions is declared total or partially invalid or ineffective, such nullity affected as only to this disposal or the part of the same that result invalid or ineffective, subsisting in all the rest the conditions. 

In the case of legal issues, the contracting parties subject to the Courts of Barcelona with expresses renunciation of any one other court that could correspond them, assuming the part that breach the agreement the judicial and extrajudicial expenses that derive of the claim included the expenses of lawyers, procurators, etc.