Legal Notice

The place web (from now on, the “Place web”) is Dion Resakapsulus Spain S.L. (In in front, the “COMPANY”) property, with social domicile in: Riera de'n Font, 60 08391 Tiana (Barcelona) and CIF B66907205. Inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, Tomo 45729, Folio 11, Leaf B 497067 and Registration 11.

The COMPANY gives him the welcome and invites him to read attentively the General Conditions of Use of this Situated Web (from now on, the “General Conditions of Use”) that describe the terms and conditions that will be applicable to his navigation for the same, in compliance with the established in the Spanish rule of application. Attended that the COMPANY could modify in the future these Instructions for use, recommend him that it visit them periodically to be properly informed of the changes realised.

With the spirit that the use of the Place web adjust to criteria of transparency, clarity and senzillesa, the COMPANY informs to the User that any suggestion, doubt or query on the General Conditions of Use will be received and solved contacting with the COMPANY through the e-mail:

1. Object
The COMPANY supplies the content and the services that are available in the Place web, with subjecció to the present General Conditions of Use as well as to the political on treatment of personal data (from now on, the “Political “ of Protection of Data”). The access to this Place web or his utilisation in any shape awards him the qualification of “User” and involves the acceptance without reservation of all and cadascuna of the present General Conditions of Use, reserving the COMPANY the right to modify them to any moment. As a consequence, it will be responsibility of everything User, the attentive reading of the General Conditions of valid Use cadascuna of the occasions in which access to this Place web, thus if this does not agree with any one of the same here had, will have to abstain with regard to the use of the present Place web. 

Likewise, it remains warned that, in occasions, will be able to establish particular conditions for the utilisation in the Place web of contents and/or specific services, the utilisation of these contents or services will involve the acceptance of the particular conditions in them specified.

2. Services
Through the Place web, the COMPANY offers to the Users the possibility to access to: Information on the company, his data of contact, his products and services, his prices, his commercial offers, his location – One apartat of contact to realise queries facilitating his data of personal character – Links to access to social networks – One apartat to realise online purchases facilitating his data of personal character and his banking data (from now on the “Services”). 

3. Privacy And Treatment of Data
When for the access to determinate contents or services was necessary to facilitate data of personal character, the Users will guarantee his veracity, exactitud, autenticitat and vigència. The COMPANY will give to these data the treatment automated that it correspond in function of his nature or purpose, in the terms indicated in the section of Political of Protection of Data. 

4. Industrial and Intellectual property
The User recognises and accepts that all the contents that show in the Place web and especially, designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, trading names, brands, or any one other susceptible signs of industrial utilisation and/or commercial are subjects to rights of Intellectual Property and all the brands, trading names or distinctive signs, all the rights of industrial and intellectual property, on the contents and/or any one other elements inserted to the page, that are exclusive property of the COMPANY and/or of third, those who have the exclusive right to use them in the economic traffic. For all this the User engage to not reproducing, copy, distribute, put to disposal or of any one other shape communicate publicly, transform or modify such contents keeping indemne to the COMPANY of any claim that derive of him incompliment of such obligations. In no case the access to the Place web involves any type of renunciation, transmission, licence or total cession neither partial of said right, shot that establish on purpose the opposite. The present General Conditions of Use of the Place web do not confer to the Users fit other right of utilisation, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Place web and/or of his different Contents of the here on purpose foreseen. Any one other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the previous and expresses authorisation specifically awarded to this effect for the COMPANY or the third headline of the rights affected.

The contents, texts, photographies, designs, logotypes, images, programs of computer, codes source and, in general, any existent intellectual creation in this place, as well as the own place in his group, as a artistic work multimedia, are protected as a rights of author for the legislation in matter of intellectual property. The COMPANY is to title of the elements that integrate the graphic design of the Place web, the menus, buttons of navigation, the code HTML, the texts, images, textures, graphic and any one other content of the Place web or, in any case has of the corresponding authorisation for the utilisation of these elements. The content had in the Place web will not be able to be reproduced neither in all neither partly, neither transmitted, neither registered by any system of recovery of information, in any shape neither in any means, shot that count with the previous authorisation, in writing, of the quoted Entity.

Likewise it remains forbidden to suppress, evade and/or manipulate the "copyright" as well as the technical devices of protection, or any mechanisms of information that could contain the contents. The User of this Place web engage to respect the rights billed and to avoid any performance that could prejudice them, reserving in all marry the COMPANY the exercise of how many means or legal actions correspond him in defence of his legitimate rights of intellectual and industrial property. 

5. Obligations and Responsibilities of the User of the Place web
The User engage to:

Do a suitable and lawful use of the Place web as well as of the contents and services, in compliance with: (and) the applicable legislation to each moment; (ii) the General Conditions of Use of the Place web; (iii) the moral and good habits generally accepted and (iv) the public order. 
Cater of all the means and requerimentstechnical that precisin to access to the Place web.
Facilitate truthful information in filling up with his data of personal character the forms contained in the Place web and to keep them updated to everything moment so that it answer, to each moment, to the real situation of the User. The User will be the only manager of the false or inaccurate demonstrations that realise and of the damages that cause to the COMPANY or to third for the information that facilitate.

Nevertheless the established to him apartatprevious the User will have to likewise abstain of:

to) Do a no authorised use or fraudulent of the Place web and/or of the contents with purposes or illicit effects, forbidden in the present General Conditions of Use, lesius of the rights and interests of third, or that of any shape can danyar, inutilitzar, sobrecarregar, deteriorar or prevent the normal utilisation of the services or the documents, files and all class of contents stored in any computer team.
b) Access or try access to resources or areas restricted of the Place web, without fulfilling the conditions demanded for this access.
c) Cause damages in the physical or logical systems of the Place web, of his suppliers or of third.
d) Enter or difondre to the network computer viruses or any one other physical or logical systems that they are susceptible to cause damages in the physical or logical systems of the COMPANY, of his suppliers or of third.
And) Try access, use and/or manipulate the data of the COMPANY, third suppliers and other Users.
f) Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow the access of the public through any one modalitatof public communication, transform or modify the contents, shot that count with the authorisation of the headline of the corresponding right or this result legally allowed. 
G) Suppress, secrete or manipulate the notes on rights of intellectual or industrial property and other data identificatives of the rights of the COMPANY or of third incorporated to the contents, as well as the technical devices of protection or any mechanisms of information that can insert in the contents. 
h) Obtain and try obtain the contents employing for this means or different procedures of which, as the cases, have put to his disposal to this effect or have indicated on purpose to the websites where find the contents or, in general, of which employ usually in Internet not to comport a risk of damage or inutilització of the place web and/or of the contents. 
And) In particular, and to title merely indicatiuand no exhaustive, the User engage to not transmitting, difondre or put to the disposal of third informations, data, contents, messages, graphic, drawings, files of sound and/or image, photographies, recordings, software and, in general, any class of material that:
(and) Of any shape was contrary, despise or attack against the fundamental rights and the public freedoms recognised constitutionally, in the International Treaties and in the rest of the valid legislation.
(ii) Induce, incite or promote performances delictives, denigratorias, difamatòries, violent or, in general, contrary to the law, to the moral, to the good habits generally accepted or to the public order.
(iii) Induce, incite or promote performances, attitudes or discriminatory thoughts by reason of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition.
(iv) Incorporate, put to disposal or allow to access to products, elements, messages and/or services delictius, violent, offensive, harmful, degradants or, in general, opposites to the law, to the moral and to the good habits generally accepted or to the public order. 
(v) Induce or can induce to an unacceptable state of anxiety or temor.
(vi) Induce or incite to involucrar- in dangerous practices, of risk or harmful for the health and the psychic balance. 
(vii) Finds protected by the legislation in matter of intellectual or industrial protection pertaining to the COMPANY or to third without that it have been authorised the use that pretend realise.
(viii) Was contrary to the honour, to the personal and familiar privacy or to the own image of the people.
(Go out) Constitute any type of advertising.
(x) Include any type of virus or program that prevent the normal operation of the Place web.

If to access to some of the services and/or contents of the Place web, provided him a password, forces to use it of diligent way, keeping it to everything moment secretly. As a consequence, it will be responsible of his suitable custody and confidentiality, engaging to not to yield it to third, of way storm or permanent, neither to allow the access to the mentioned services and/or contents for part of extraneous people. Equally, it forces to notify to the COMPANY any fact that can suppose an undue use of his password, how, to title enunciatiu, his theft, extraviament or the no authorised access, with the purpose to proceed to his immediate cancellation. As a consequence, while it do not effect the previous notification, the COMPANY will remain eximida of any responsibility that could derive of the undue use of his password, feel of his responsibility any illicit utilisation of the contents and/or services of the Place web for any third illegitimate.

If of way negligent or dolosa breached any one of the obligations established in the present General Conditions of Use, will answer for all the damages and damages that of this incompliment could derive for the COMPANY. 

6. Responsibilities
The COMPANY does not guarantee the access continued, neither the correct visualisation, download or utility of the elements and informations contained to the pages of the place web, that can see prevented, difficulties or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are out of his control.

The COMPANY does not do responsible of the decisions that could adopt as a consequence of the access to the contents or informations offered.

The COMPANY will be able to interrupt the service or resolve of immediate way the relation with the User if it detects that an use of his Place web or of any one of the services offered in the same are contrary to the present General Conditions of Use. The COMPANY does not do responsible for damages, damages, losses, claims or derivative expenses of the use of the Place web. Only it will be responsible to delete, as soon as possible, the contents that can generate such damages, whenever like this notify . Especially it will not be responsible of the damages that could derive , between others, of:
(and) interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephonic failures, delays, bloquejosor disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, motivated by deficiències, sobrecàrregues and errors in the lines and networks of telecommunications, or for any one other extraneous cause to the control of the COMPANY.
(ii) intromissions Illegitimate by means of the use of malignant programs of any type and through any media, such as a computer viruses or any others.
(iii) Undue or inappropriate abuse of the Place web.
(iv) Errors of security or navigation produced by a bad operation of the browser or for the use of versions no up to date of the same. The administrators of the COMPANY reserve the right to withdraw, total or partially, any content or present information in the Place web.

The COMPANY excludes any responsibility for the damages and damages of all nature that could owe to the bad utilisation of the services of free disposal and use for part of the Users of Place web. Likewise, the COMPANY remains exonerat of any responsibility for the content and informations that can be received as a consequence of the forms of collection of data, being the same only for the benefit of the services of queries and doubts. On the other hand, in case to cause damages and damages for an illicit or wrong use of these services, will be able to be the User demanded by the COMPANY of the damages or damages caused.

You will defend, will indemnify and will keep to the COMPANY indemne enfront of any damages and damages that derive of claims, actions or demands of third as a consequence of his access or use of the Place web. Likewise, you forces to indemnify to the COMPANY enfront of any damages and damages, that derive of the use for his band of “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or similar tools employees with the purpose to collect or extract data or of any one other performance for his band that impose a load unreasonable on the operation of the Place web. 

7. Hiperlinks
The User forces to not reproducing by no means, not even by means of one hiperlink, the Place web of the COMPANY, as well as any of his contents, except authorisation expresses and in writing of the COMPANY. 

The Place web of the COMPANY includes links to other places web gestionats for third, so as to facilitate the access of the User to the information of undertaken collaborators and/or sponsors. Conformal with this, the COMPANY does not hold responsible of the content of these places web, neither situates in a position of garant neither/or of part oferent of the services and/or information that can offer to third through the links of third.

It concedes to the User a right limited, revocable and no exclusive to create links to the main page of the Place web exclusively for private use and no commercial. The places web that include link to our Place web (and) will not be able to give to understand that the COMPANY recommends this place web or his services or products; (ii) will not be able to falsejar his relation with the COMPANY neither affirm that the COMPANY has authorised such link, neither include brands, denominations, trading names, logotypes or other distinctive signs of the COMPANY; (iii) will not be able to include contents that can consider of bad taste, obscene, offensive, controversial, that incite to the violence or the discrimination by reason of sex, race or religion, opposites to the public or illicit order; (iv) will not be able to link to any page of the Place different web of the main page; (v) will have to link with the own address of the Place web, without allowing that the place web that realise the link reproduce the Place web as a part of his web or in one of his “frames” or create one “browser” on any one of the pages of the Place web. The COMPANY will be able to request, to any moment, that delete any link to the Place web, after which thing will have to proceed immediately to his elimination. The COMPANY can not control the information, contents, products or services facilitated by other places web that have established links with destination to the Place web. 

As a consequence, the COMPANY does not assume any type of responsibility for any relative aspect to such places web.

8. Data Protection  
To use some of the Services, the Users have to provide previously some data of personal character. For this, the COMPANY will treat automatitzadament the Personal Data in fulfillment with the Law 15/1999 of 13 of December of Protection of Data of Personal Character and the RD of development 1720/2007. For this, the User can access to the politics followed in the treatment of the personal data as well as the establishment of the previously established purposes, to what has in the clear-cut conditions in the Political of Protection of Data that presents Place web.

9. Cookies
The COMPANY reserves the right to use the technology “cookie” in the Place web, so as to recognise it as a frequent User and personalitzar the use that realise of the Place web by means of the preselection of his language, or contents more wished or specific. Them “cookies” used by the Place web, or the third that act in his name, associate only with an anonymous user and his computer, and do not provide for yes the personal data of the user. 

Them cookies are files sent to a browser by means of a server Web to register the navigation of the User in the Place web, when the User allow his reception. To his turn will be able to delete them “cookies” for this will have to consult the instructions of use of his browser.

Thanks to them cookies, results possible that the COMPANY recognise the browser of the computer used by the User with the purpose to facilitate contents and offer the preferences of navigation or advertising that the User, to the demographical profiles of the Users as well as to measure the visits and parameters of the traffic, control the progress and numeral of entries.

10. Lasted and ending
The benefit of the service of the present Place web and the other services have in principle a lasted indefinite. Nevertheless, the COMPANY will be able to consider finished or suspend any one of the services of the portal. When it was this possible, the COMPANY will announce it terminació or suspension of the benefit of the determinate service.

11. Statements and Guarantees
In general, the contents and services offered in the Place web have character merely informative. Therefore, in offering them, the COMPANY does not award guarantee neither statement any in regard to the contents and services offered in the Place web, including, to title enunciatiu, guarantees of licitud, reliability, utility, veracity, exactitud, or comerciabilidad, except in the measure in which for law can not exclude such statements and guarantees.

12. Force majeure
The COMPANY will not be responsible in everything in case of impossibility to loan service, if this owes to interruptions perllongades of the electrical supply, lines of telecommunications, social conflicts, strikes, rebellion, explosions, floods, acts and omissions of the Government, and in general all the suppositions of force majeure or of act of God.

13. Resolution of controversies. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The present General Conditions of Use, as well as the use of the Place web, regiran for the Spanish legislation. Any controversy will be resolved in front of the courts of Barcelona. 

In the case that any stipulation of the present General Conditions of Use resulted inexigible or invalid in virtue of the applicable legislation or as a consequence of a judicial or administrative resolution, this unenforceability or nullity will not do that the present General Conditions of Use result inexigibles or invalid in his group. In these cases, the COMPANY will proceed to the modification or replacement of this stipulation for another that it was valid and exigible and that, in the measure of the possible, achieve the aim and pretence reflected in the original stipulation.